31 Days To Clean

Ok Iโ€™ve officially finished the 31 days to clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way. and I am excessively pleased to have done it.

The Mary minded Martha cleaning flurry has dragged me out of a rut and helped me to open my eyes a little wider in order to appreciate the house work demands and given me some new tools to tame it.

My Top Ten Tidy Tamers for 31 Days To Clean

1. Allocate more time in your day to work on specific task.
2. Give yourself a daily cleaning challenge
3. Record 6 things a day you need to achieve
4. Work in bite sized chunks
5. Hang your curtains when wet (Thanks Leanne)
6. Start an organised roster for cleaning (Iโ€™m working on it!)
7. Make the bed everyday (except Sundays)
8. Add a little glamour to the table setting
9. Waste money on flowers
10. Donโ€™t beat yourself up if it doesnโ€™t all get done.

To all those other lovely girls who joined me for the cleaning challenge, thank you. You helped me stay accountable to my goal.
31 Days to Clean

I hope you will join me next spring for another 31 Days to Clean blitz.