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Hi, I’m Michelle and this is my 15th year of homeschooling in Australia.michelle-2015-200

Two of my four children are at university and my other two are still homeschooling. Read more …

If you're not from Australia that's OK. We have lots of ideas and homeschool resources with universal appeal.


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New To Homeschooling

Are you new to homeschooling? Then I recommend How to Homeschool 101 as your first stop. Are you trying to work out what to teach? Here are some curriculum ideas and outcome lists for Australian homeschoolers.

How To Homeschool 101

Australian homeschool curriculum guide - K-2

Australian Resources

We use Australian literature for copywork and dictation, Australian living books for Australian History, and a collection of Australian authors wrote our geography book. Our two Australian nature journals, A Bush Calendar and The Wonderland of Nature are reprinted classics. I could go on but I’ll let you look around our bookstore.

  • Homeschooling Downunder not only provides fantastic resources of great quality but Michelle also gives so much information and encouragement to homeschool families. Michelle has diligently and joyfully served the Australian home education community for many years and I have been very blessed by her dedication and commitment to others. Thanks Michelle and family!–Susan P,

  • "I just want to tell you that I have spent not hours, but DAYS on your website. Yes, DAYS!!!! I have read and reread and reread every single word you have to say, and I've checked out ALL of your sample files, probably every single link ..I want to tell you that your website is achieving exactly what you have set out to achieve. You certainly are a blessing to the newly starting homeschooler. –Tanya D, New Homeschool Mum

  • Hi Michelle, THANK YOU for the amazing resources you make available to others. I've just begun homeschooling this year, and into this coming term plan to embrace more of Charlotte Mason's style with my kids (8,6,4,1). It was a little daunting to do this from the outset, but after a term together, I feel ready to relax into it more. Thanks for you time. –Rachel Batterham