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Crowns of Fire by Amy Mack ebook

Australian bushfire story rich in imagery, symbolism and beauty

Nature Study and a literary education combine together in this artistic masterpiece.

Australian bushfire story

Crowns of Fire tells the tale of the Gum trees that are loved by all. They protect the trees in the gully. One day a cruel Summer arrives in a furious temper. The gully trees cry for help and the Gum trees respond by making the ultimate sacrifice for their friends.

This book teaches about bush fires and is also an allegorical story about sacrifice and pride.

The gum trees give their lives to save the gully trees and the gully trees realise how they have been proud and they wish they could have the gully trees back.

This Australian bush story has been adapted from Amy Mack’s story, The Gallant Gums, which was first published in the early 1900’s.

Cath Chegwidden, an award winning illustrator has added illustrations that make this picture book a visual feast.

It is sure to delight both young and old readers with its rich symbolism, imagery and exquisite illustrations. 

‘It does not seem right that we should be as strong and healthy as ever, while our poor friends are all dead,’ said the Wattle sadly.

‘To think that we will never see their happy faces nodding to us again,’ sighed the Grevillea.

‘Or hear their merry voices calling to each other,’ said the Bottle Brush.

‘Life will be very lonely without them,’ said the Tree fern, ‘and I wish we had never laughed at them.’

Then there was silence, for all the trees felt sad and ashamed to think that they had ever laughed at their brave friends on the hillside.

The silence was broken by a tiny whisper which seemed to come from the ground. It said, ‘Don’t grieve, dear trees, we shall meet again.’ 

(excerpt from Crowns of Fire)

Our printed hardbacks have all sold out. Now we have this excellent book available as an ebook. Read it to your children from your IPads, Tablets or Smart Boards. You can also print it off if you wish!

Crowns of Fire by Amy Mack eBook $5.00

Sample pages from Crowns of Fire

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