Science Big Picture Baskets – Homeschool Planning 2017

Science big picture basket
All four of my children sat on the couch attentively when I read this delightful science book. I never heard groans, there was just wonder. After we finished, if there was a chance they might find the subject of our story, they went outside to explore.

Stretching the book open on the table, I would get out their nature journals and they would make an entry. It was almost always a picture or a diagram and the older ones added some text. And this was our science lesson book in the early primary years. The book was The Wonderland of Nature by Nuri Mass.

The Big Picture Basket

This basket holds more than just books; it’s another year’s worth of living literature for my youngest daughter.

It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m planning for kindy or high school – its all the same and it always starts with a basket of books. Turning that big picture basket into a workable, achievable homeschool plan is the next challenge.

This last week of my homeschool holidays I am going to do a blog series and show you how this big picture basket shapes a solid homeschool plan.

PS. If your wondering about math – It’s more of a tweet than a post.  I use a textbook!

Planning For Science

I know that a lot of us panic at the thought of not using a textbook for science. With the exception of Jenny Fulbright’s Exploring Creation Series, I’ve not found a textbook that I like and that my kids don’t find tedious. So we have sought out living science books.

How do I turn these into a science curriculum? The main thing to remember is to make sure you cover Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science with books. And my children notebook their reading lessons.

I don’t usually have a lot of living science books in the house so I do need to add some library books or I purchase them.

Science Big Picture Basket

When you look in my Science Big Picture Basket you will find:

This year (Year 10) we have no science textbooks but we do have:

  • a physics and chemistry series by Paul Fleisch called Secrets of the Universe.
  • Switch on your Brain by Caroline Leif. Biology, quantum physics  and psychology.
  • The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden and The Edwardian Lady by Ina Taylor.  I also found a The Country Dairy Nature Notes for her to complete. My daughter is an artist so I’m excited about this resource. I hope she is! I’ll call this earth science.
  • Microbes and Men by Robert Reid. I’m borrowing this book from the library so it’s not in the basket yet. It’s a science biography on microbiology.
  • If we can fit it in I will also add The History of Medicine by John Hudson Tiner. That’s biology and chemistry.

See Here For More Science Planning Ideas

Look out tomorrow for my what’s in my big picture basket for the humanities!

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