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Homeschool portfolios

With our school year just beginning I am getting all my children’s work organised which includes starting their portfolios.

Why Use A Homeschool Portfolio?

A homeschool portfolio is an educational keepsake that your child can look over, show off and use to remember events from previous school years.
I have been keeping a homeschool portfolio for my children for 5 years now. And I think that they are terrific and so do my children. They love to look back at their accomplishments. I also find that it is helpful to show to interested parties evidence of work achieved throughout the year.

How to Organise Your Homeschool Portfolio

I know that there are a few ways to do this but I will share with you how we do it.

1.    I buy a 20 page clear pocket Marbig Flic File. They cost about $3.50.
Portfolio Folder

2.    Then I get the kids to make their own cover page for the year. We usually use Publisher and make one on the computer.

Homeschool Portfolio

3.    Over the year I add to the portfolio relevant materials. The type of things we put in our portfolio are;

Art in homeschool portfolio

•    Learning plans for the year
•    Certificates
•    Samples of work including photographs and pictures
•    Reading lists
•    Assessment reports
•    Transcript of hours (for my high schooler).

Music study homeschool portfolio


At the end of the year I go through all of their work. I keep special pieces and add them to the portfolio and then I throw the rest of the work out. This keeps our records neat and compact.

Do you use portfolios?

Do you have any more tips?

2013 UPDATE: I have done a YouTube video showing how to organise your homeschool portfolios and what to put in them.

Prepare Your Own Homeschool Program eBook

At the end of the two weeks you will have the knowledge to write an inspiring homeschool plan for your child which can also be used for homeschool registration.

Lesson topics include:
Lesson 1 – Homeschool Vision and Philosophy
Lesson 2 – How To Make Your Own Planner
Lesson 3 – Preparing A Course of Study
Lesson 4 – Organising Your Homeschool Lessons
Lesson 5 – Keeping Your Homeschool Records
Lesson 6 – Myths To Homeschool Planning

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  1. Kyra  December 20, 2014

    Michelle, I just wanted to let you know how helpful I have found your website and videos! We have just finished our first year of homeschool (kindergarten for my 5 year old) and I have referred back to your website many times throughout the year. Looking forward to putting together a portfolio for the year now that I have some idea of what to do. Thank you!

    • Michelle  December 20, 2014

      Thanks for the encouragement Kyra!


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