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Homeschooling Queensland

Homeschooling in Queensland is legal and the registration process is basically just an application, however it is quite thorough. Here are a few tips to help you with the process.

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice but information from my own research and experience.

Homeschooling in Queensland

Do I Need To Register To Homeschool

The Queensland Department of Education does say it is a legal requirement to register to homeschool from ages 6 to 16. Having said that some homeschoolers do not register as they feel it is a parent’s right to educate their children. It’s your decision how you wish to approach this issue.

When Can I Remove My Kids from School

When you make your application to homeschool you automatically are given a provisional registration and you can remove your children from school. This lasts for 60 days while they assess your application.

If you want to remove your child before you put in your application it is up to you. Whilst the Education Department doesn’t recommend it they don’t forbid it either!

How To Register

To register you need to fill in an application form and be a Queensland resident. Apart from giving them your child’s details you also need to submit a learning programme or learning philosophy.

A list of criteria is also given to follow when making up your educational program. They are not very specific and don’t lend themselves to clear cut programme writing however these are the things they are basically looking for:

Registration is continuous however you are required to send in a report of progress every 12 months.

Tips for Writing Your Proposed Education Programme

Many examples are given on the Queensland Department of Education site. No doubt they were written by teachers who know all the educational lingo. They are a little off-putting  because they go very thoroughly into the syllabus and curriculum. Here I have put some ideas of how you might like to tackle the application.

Here is an outcome list based on the National Curriculum. It also has some suggested ways to help meet these requirements in your homeschool.

Start With A Yearly Educational Plan

Here you can make a brief statement about how you plan on educating your child.


You can refer to your homeschool method or how you plan on providing a quality education.

If you plan on following the Australian National Curriculum (ANC) you could also mention it briefly here. The Queensland Department of Education’s website examples do reference the ANC and the Queensland syllabus however the application form does not state you need to follow them. It just says you need to provide a high quality education.

Mention what you will be doing to meet the social and physical needs of your child. If there is a specific learning issue you are trying to tackle address it here.

Part of the requirements to homeschool is that you have a place where your child can complete their lessons. You don’t need to have a dedicated room to homeschool. You just need to demonstrate that you are organised to homeschool.

Our Yearly Educational Planning sample page will give you some clues for completing this component of your application.

Student Planning For Subjects

To satisfy this requirement you will need to have made some decisions on what curriculum you want to use and you will have to document that. 

For your convenience I have some homeschool lesson plan and curriculum guides based on subjects and grades to help you put together a curriculum quickly.

Using student planning pages for each subject and set a goal for what you want to achieve for the year and then jot down the resources you plan on using.

You do not need to keep exactly to a curriculum. It is just a starting point. You will find as you homeschool your curriculum ideas will change as you work out the needs of your students.

You can summarize your subjects into the following areas:

1. English
2. Mathematics
3. Science and Technology
4. History
5. Geography
6. Arts (Includes dancing and music)
7. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.
8. Languages (not compulsory but you may want to include it).

If you are worried about the Australian National Curriculum and homeschooling here are a few ideas.

Please only buy a few things for now. You do not need to have everything before you start.

Assessing Progress and Record Keeping

For your own sanity I recommend using a schedule of what you want to achieve rather than using a specific time table. Comparing and recoding homeschooling hours and the traditional school day are quite different. Don’t worry too much about school schedule times of 9-3. Homeschooling learning happens well beyond those boundaries.

Weekly Checklists, can work well as does dating work.

Recording Achievement and Progress

Although you will be able to see improvements, and progress in your child, that will not be enough to satisfy the Department of Education. You will need to document this. Think of this requirement as a school report.

I simply make a short homeschool report each term that assesses where my child is academically. This discusses weaknesses and improvements, plus a plan for next term. I also keep a homeschool portfolio for each child. All my reports are kept in this including samples of their work.

Connect with other Queensland homeschoolers on this forum to ask more questions.

Use our Pretty Planner Pages to help you get yourself organised for registration.

Homeschooling in Australia will give you more information about support groups and associations.

Here are some more ideas to help you get started with homeschooling.

How to Homeschool Queensland