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How to Homeschool 101

Teaching and Getting Organised in the Primary Years

Essential Information to Home School with Confidence in the Primary Years

How to homeschool 101

If you’re new to homeschooling then no doubt you are starting to get information overload.  You may even be a little panicky about how you are actually going to make homeschooling work.

Yes, there is a lot to learn and what do you need to know first?

Forget about curriculums for now. As you can buy the best curriculums available but if you don’t work out how to facilitate learning in your child the curriculums won’t be utilized properly, if at all.

Work on laying a good foundation for your homeschool.

Once you have done this early groundwork you will be able to:

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You see it’s not that we need school teacher training but rather that we need homeschool teacher training.

We need to learn how to:

All these things form the foundation of home education.

Whilst there is a lot to learn How to Home School 101 will help you feel calmer and give you a clear direction for your homeschool, so you and your children can enjoy home schooling.

This 50 page ebook has the information you need. You can buy and download it now. After reading this ebook you will feel equipped with the knowledge you need to set up a successful homeschool.

Michelle Morrow Homeschooling Downunder"These ideas are not just my own. They are gathered from a range of people including Charlotte Mason and the most realistic and practical resource of all - experienced homeschool mothers. Experience, success and failure, research, and excellent mentors are my qualifications for writing this guide. My desire is to set you on the right path and open your eyes to your role as a teacher to your children.

A Christian education is important to me and I can’t divorce my Christian beliefs from my desire to homeschool. Throughout this ebook you will find that conviction peppering the pages but if you are not a Christian don’t be offended by my beliefs. Rather I ask you when you read something that doesn’t apply to you please consider your own heart in what you value in the education of your child. " Michelle

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What Are Customers Are Saying!

"I have just finished reading How to Home School 101. I love it as I'm in middle of starting to build my resources. We will be jumping in the start of 2013. I had no idea how many hours to spend each day. I'm still a little unsure how to structure my days/weeks or term as yet but this was a fantastic look at what to do :-)"

Dee Robinson. NSW, Australia.

I have just finished reading your ‘How to Home School 101’ and I wanted to say a big ‘Thank-you’!! I am in my 5yr of homeschooling my 3 children, and it was refreshing to read through all the reasons why we homeschool. It was great reminder to me of why I have chosen to homeschool, and the way I want to go about it. Your ideas are very similar to mine, so that has been helpful.

I also think your book is a wonderful resource for those families that are wanting to homeschool but are unsure or uncertain. You have written a very informative, and concise book that I will recommend to anyone who is after help and answers to their questions. I have been after a resource, for a few years now, that does all of this- and you have achieved it in this book.

So well done and thank-you for a great resource!!

May God bless you for your time and effort, as I’m sure He will do for many others

Cathy Newby. NSW, Australia