Homeschool Curriculum Guide Grades / Years – Australia

Homeschool Curriculum Content:

When you homeschool you do not need to stick to strict grades however it is good to still have a loose homeschool curriculum guide. It is often easier to teach your children together for a range of subjects. However when you are following the Australian Curriculum it has been set out in Years/Grades or Stages.

It is perfectly acceptable to fiddle with the sequencing of teaching certain subjects. Flexibility is written into the curriculum and topic sequence is at the teacher’s discretion.

“Teachers will continue to have the flexibility to make decisions about the sequence of learning, the emphasis to be given to particular areas of content, and any adjustments required based on the needs, interests and abilities of their students.” NSW BOSTES .

My Homeschool Complete Curriculum Guides

My Homeschool

We now have a complete curriculum solution for Australian Homeschoolers. My Homeschool Graded Courses are based on the Australian Curriculum content and outcome statements. Our courses provide a literature rich approach using many of the ideas of Charlotte Mason and other experienced home educators.
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Australian Homeschool Curriculum Guide – Stages and Stage Statements

The Australian Curriculum, and other state syllabuses, list their outcomes (or goals) as per stage or grade. Each stage has an overview of the outcomes and they are provided in their stage statements. Reading through these will give you a general overview of the Australian Curriculum.


NSW Stages usually last for a period of 2 years (or 3 ).

  • Stage One: Kindergarten/Foundation to Year 2 – Age 5 to Age 8
  • Stage Two: Year 3 to Year 4 – Age 8 to 10
  • Stage Three: Year 5 to Year 6 – Age 10 to 12
  • Stage Four: Year 7 to Year 8 – Age 12 to Age 14
  • Stage Five: Year 9 to Year 10 – Age 14 to Age 16
  • Stage Six: Year 11 to Year 12 – Age 16 – Age 18

Primary Resource – Scope and Sequence

Homeschool Curriculum Scope and Sequence

Download Scope and Sequence PDF