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Ideas for Teaching Kids About New Zealand

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New Zealand History

This took a few hours to read and was a good overview of the history, geography and social issues of New Zealand. It has been reprinted a few times.

New Zealand Lapbook


New Zealand Flags and Symbols Lapbook

is a fun resource to do with your child that will teach them all about New Zealand's Flags and Symbols while they cut, paste and colour in. This simple lapbook to be done by as part of your New Zealand studies.



New Zealand Nature StudyNature Study New Zealand

Nature Talks to New Zealanders by Crosbie Morrison

This living book will take you on a journey with the author as he travels New Zealand and finds out about the local wildlife and natural wonders. I thoroughly recommend this book as a read aloud and for nature study. The author is a naturalist with an excellent sense of humour.

Meet the Locals Watch is a NZ TV show. You can watch short episodes on New Zealand Wildlife from their web site.

New Zealand Literature

Downunder Dictation New Zealand Version

All the excerpts are from whole or ‘living’ Australian and New  Zealand literature, dating from 1769-2007. 

Downunder Copywork

We have selected a broad range of good Australian and New Zealand literature that we believe will be educational, encouraging, uplifting and bring delight to you and your students. Our extracts are chosen from material which dates from 1700’s-2007 . It includes classic fiction, poetry, songs, biographies, studies of nature and explorers’ journals.

New Zealand Literature

New Zealand Historical Fiction for Children

Picture Books

*Papa's Island by Melanie Drewery (author), Fifi Colston (illustrator)

This story is based on real events that took place in New Zealand during World War II. Somes Island in Wellington Harbour was used as a prison camp for enemy aliens in both World War I and World War II. Often these men were arrested with no warning and some were held unfairly. Their families did not always speak good English and many were confused about why their husbands and fathers were being taken. This beautiful story from Melanie Drewery tells the story of one such family.

New Zealand Notebooking pages

Create an Educational Keepsake with our

New Zealand Notebooking Pages

Making a notebook an excellent way to use different resources to create an educational keepsake of New Zealand studies.

With notebooking, learning is not limited to a textbook or a worksheet but rather to what has captured the child’s interest or to what they know.

New Zealand Notebooking Pages

This versatile and practical resource and can be used with many New Zealand resources. There is no right or wrong way to use these pages. Find out more....

For a list of homeschooling support groups in New Zealand follow this link

Saint Mary MacKillop Lapbook is a hands-on activity, written with passion, that can be used to teach children in a fun and interesting way about the life of Australasia’s first canonised saint in the Catholic church.