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New Zealand Flags & Symbols Lapbook ebook

A crafty resource for teaching children about New Zealand's flags and symbols

Silver fernMaori flagNew Zealand flagKiwi bird

Benefits of using New Zealand Flags and Symbols Lapbook

What Will They Learn While Doing The Lapbook

New Zealand Flag Lapbook

What’s In The Lapbook

Included in this ebook you will find:

You can learn a lot New Zealand's history just by studying their flags and symbols. 

Age Range: 5-12 years old

If you find our New Zealand Flags and Symbols Lapbook does not suit your family, we understand.
That is why we are offering a full refund up to 7 days after purchase.

Buy this exclusive resource today and you can give your children a fun and informative lesson that will teach them all about the Australian flag.

New Zealand Flag ebook $5.00