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Australia's Flags and Emblems

Australian Flag

What do your kids know about the Australian Flag?

Do they know what the symbols mean?

Do they know the flags of Australia's states and territories?

Do they know about the emblems?

Commonwealth of Australia For Beginners

Teaching this topic to your child using Our Australia Flag Set is easy.

We have combined an intriguing book with a hands-on resource that will help your child absorb some basic facts about Australia's civic identity.

Suggested Ages: 5 to 10

Australia Flag Set Includes:

1. Flags & Emblems of Australia Book

I loved this book the minute I saw it. It has just the right information needed for a primary school aged child. It will teach them about the Australia Flag and the Australian Commonwealth's historic coats of arms and our beautiful animal, bird and flower emblems. The detailed illustration will intrigue your child as they examine what the symbols mean and why they were chosen.

Soft Cover Book. 32 pages.

Australia Flag Resource For Kids

2. Australia Flag Lapbook eBook

A crafty resource for teaching about Australia's flags in a hands on way.

Your child will learn about:

  • The Christian symbolism of the Union Jack

  • What the stars on the flag represent

  • How should the flag be displayed

  • State and territory flags

  • An Australian Flag Poem

finished lapbook
australia flag lapbook

The ebook has easy to follow steps with relevant web links, and all the images and paper templates you will need.

Children will have an educational keepsake that they can show-off and be proud of.

Assembly is simple all you need to add is:

  • a manila folder,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • colouring-in pencils.


australia flag lapbook 2

You can learn a lot about Australia's history just by studying our flags. 

Buy this exclusive resource today and you can give your children a fun and informative lesson that will teach them all about the Australian flag.

Australia Flags and Emblem Set $20.00

Includes Flags & Emblems of Australia Book & Australia Flag Lapbook eBook