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Australian Geography and

Australian Map for Kids

Australia Map

This pictorial map is full of little details that help your child learn the physical geography of Australia.

Children will be intrigued as they search the map looking for places like Monkey Mia, the Great Australian Bight, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbour.

This map can be used to compliment Australian Book Traveller - a free literature based unit study for Foundation Year to Year Two and Discovery Downunder Geography book.

Guided by Downunder Geography Discovery Pages and the Australian Traveller’s Map Journal your child can visually explore Australia with this unique educational keepsake. It can also be used as a wall map and for a fun game of I Spy.

Journey Jottings has provided this award winning map at a discounted rate for educational purposes. It is an artist’s impression and not a navigational aid.

Printed on eco-friendly paper the map is 60cm x 42cm when open.

Australia Traveller's Maps $7.95

Downunder Geography Discovery Pages Ebook

This resource provides a way to make the most of your Australian Traveller’s Map Journal and helps your kids delve a little deeper into Australia’s physical geography.

It provides:

• A map checklist for each state, ACT and NT

Hands-on activities as they mark in major rivers and cut and paste their map markers.

• Notebooking pages for significant Australian geographic topics.

Australian Geography NSWAustralian Geography Notebooking Pages

Map Markers

This geography resource is an elementary level introduction to the geography of Australia.

It has been developed to compliment Discover Downunder Geography Book.

It is aimed at primary aged children and is not meant to be a thorough study of Australian geography. Some primary children are very geography minded and will want more, for them this will only be a springboard, for others it will be just right.

Australian Geography NotebookAustralian Geography Page 2Downunder Geography Notebooking Page

With 30 Discovery Pages this resource could be used weekly over one school year. Only one map is needed for the study but if you would like a map for each child they can be purchased separately.

Used as a multi aged resource it is suitable from ages 8 (with assistance) to 14.

Downunder Geography Discovery Pages Ebook Only $7.95

Downunder Geography Set


Discover Downunder Australian Geography For Kids - Book

Downunder Geography Discovery Pages ebook

Australian Traveller's Map

Postage $6.00

Downunder Geography Set $35.00