English Big Picture Baskets – Homeschool Planning 2017


I have a square cane basket that has been full of books for the past two weeks. It’s really starting to annoy my husband because it hasn’t found a home. Collected items from the last 15 years fill it. This may very well be my last year of having to make this collection.

I call this my big picture basket.

This basket holds more than just books; it’s another year’s worth of living literature for my youngest daughter.

It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m planning for kindy or high school – its all the same and it always starts with a basket of books. Turning that big picture basket into a workable, achievable homeschool plan is the next challenge.

This last week of my homeschool holidays I am going to do a blog series and show you how this big picture basket shapes a solid homeschool plan.

  • Today I’ll talk about English
  • Tuesday: Science
  • Wednesday: History & Geography
  • Thursday: Arts
  • Friday: Character

PS. If your wondering about math – It’s more of a tweet than a post.  I use a textbook!

Homeschool English planning

Planning For English

Reading was a hobby I enjoyed but book collecting became a passion in the early homeschool years. I read book lists and the collection grew. All through the year I gather my collection. Unfortunately I seem unable to pass a second hand book story without stopping. My bookcases have bulged and my home library has many of the books I want to use. So a trip to each bookcase in the house helps in my collection.

I then sort all of my books out into terms. Cull the ones I don’t have time for or add them to a free reading basket.

In the early days I needed more than one basket as I planned for four sweet children who loved picture books. However the pictures are gone now and the books are more condensed.

English Big Picture Basket

You will find my basket has:

  • Classic Novels
  • Shakespeare
  • Poetry anthology
  • Historical fiction
  • Australian fiction
  • Nature stories
  • Christian stories and biographies

My English Planning Sheet

Here is a brief summary of my English Planning Sheet. Here it is as a English Cheat Sheet Word Doc


See Here For More English Planning Ideas

Look out tomorrow for my what’s in my big picture basket for science!

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