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Homeschooling And University

homeschooling and university

Homeschooling and University

Not all homeschooling children want, or need, to attend Australian university however many will. And for several professions a university education is their ticket to ride in their chosen field.

Often parents fear that homeschooling will lock their children out of university studies. It won’t!

Here are some stories ...

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NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Homeschooling

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Homeschooling

I’ve just spent the last few days reading about the recent NSW Parliamentary inquiry into homeschooling that took place on the 5th and 8th of September. I found it very interesting and relevant to homeschooling in Australia. It took me probably 6 hours to read through all the transcripts. Here is my summary from all the speakers of the things I found interesting and important.

Updated: Included Oct 7, 2014 – BOSTAS right of Reply

NSW Parliamentary ...

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Australian Curriculum Geography- Homeschooling & CM

geography australian curriculum
Today I want to continue on with my series of how Charlotte Mason’s ideas on education can be compared to the Australian National Curriculum (ANC). My subject this time is primary school geography.

The Australian Curriculum breaks geography into two strands:

  • geography understanding and knowledge,
  • geography inquiry and skills.

And when I look ...

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Australian Curriculum History & Charlotte Mason

Australian Curriculum and Charlotte Mason History

Australian Curriculum History

The The Australian Curriculum’s content is quite different from that suggested by Charlotte Mason.

A New Definition For History

The Australian Curriculum’s history content is really an  Australian Social Studies course for the first four years and no chronological history is taught at all. Their “history ...

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