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Homeschooling Book Lists

Books, books, books! I couldn't do without them in my homeschool. However finding good books is what often takes time and research. Here is a collection of book lists to hopefully direct you to finding books on topics that you want to cover in your homeschool.

Many of these booklists were put together by Mary Collis from A Living Education Magazine. You will not find every book that was printed on a topic here but rather a selection of living books that come recommended.

When possible I've linked the books to an online bookseller. I do earn a small comission from these sales but they are there for your convenience.

Booklist Index

Bible and Christian Books

Homeschool book lists

Children's Christian Book List

Parent Resources

How To Homeschool - Includes Family Life

A Living Education Magazine

Teaching Children To Read

Science And Nature

Nature Booklist Australia & Handbook of Nature Study Substitutes

The Bird Booklist for Australia

General Science for Primary

Science Biographies and Highschool Science

Australian Literature, History and Geography

Australian Picture Books Living Book List

Australian and New Zealand Novel Suggestions

Online Links to Australian and New Zealand Books

World History Book Lists

General World History Book List

Ancient History

Before the Flood, After the Flood, Ancient Egypt and The Fertile Cresent

Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and The Rise of the Chrurch

Middle Ages

Middle Ages General to the Vikings 300AD-1100 AD

Medieval Knights & Crusades Booklist 1095 AD -1300's AD

The Renaissance and the Reformation Booklist 1300-1500's

Revivals & Revolutions Booklist 1600's-1700's

Modern History

Napoleon, Industrialisation and the Crimean War 1776-1850

The British Empire, Franco Prussian War Period and The Turn of the Century1850's-1900

World War I & II 1917-1950

The Last 50 Years

Geography Living Books

General Geography Book List

World Geography Picture Book List

Africa Living Booklist

Asia Living Books List

America (including USA, Mexico and South America)

Antartica, Artic and Canada

Europe Living Book List


To see how some books fit into paticular grades see our Curriculum guide and choose your grade.