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Australian Book Traveller --Free Ebook

Teach Australian history, geography, art, science and literature appreciation using good picture books.

Australian Literature Study

"Children don’t stumble onto good books by themselves; they must be introduced to the wonder of words put together in such a way that they spin out pure joy and magic.”Gladys Hunt

Australian Book Traveller is a unit study that will help you steer your children towards a love of good books. Snuggled up, reading together on the couch you begin your Australian tour.

You are the travel guide. The books are the transport. The children are the tourists. The journey is ahead.

Teach Core Subjects All At Once

Using this unit study you can teach in a range of subjects and meet some of the requirements of the National Curriculum and NSW syllabus outcomes.

With each unit study you will open their eyes to different aspects of Australia as you cover;

Witness with delight as their knowledge of Australia’s culture and heritage blossoms in a very natural way.

Australian Book Picture Literature Study

Travel Our States and Territories With Good Books

Eight Australian picture books have been chosen as the core Travel Books. These books are the starting point of the unit studies. Each varies in its flavour, art and location. The books were chosen for their educational, literary and artistic merit. Many are award winners.

There are true tales, legends, fiction and factual stories. Every story has something special to share with your child that will enrich their experience of Australia.

Written Especially For Homeschool Children Ages 5-8

This resource is suitable for teaching one child or multiple children. The core travel books are aimed at children aged 5-8. This fits nicely with the National Curriculum for History studies. (Social Studies).

History Outcomes
- Communicates stories of their own family heritage and the heritage of others.
- Describes different experiences of people living in Australia
- Family rules and family stories. How is your family different?
- Communicates an understanding of change and continuity of family life using historical terms like past, present, old and new.
- Discuss how individuals and groups can cause changes in the environment.
- Describes and explains different experiences of people living in Australia over time.
- Identifies celebrations and commemorations of significance in Australia and the World

A One Room Schoolhouse Resource

You can include all of your primary children in the lessons.

Even your preschoolers will like it!

Your children can share in the delight of the story, locate places on the map and do their art lessons together.

Whistle Stop Tour or One Year Trek

Complete Australian Book Traveller in 8 weeks or spread the lessons over a year.

You set the pace!

Add English and math lessons to your Travel Guide books and you can cover all your key learning areas for a week. How easy and enjoyable that will be!

For those who like to take their time, spread your Travel Book lessons over the year; spending time digging deeper into the lesson suggestions, following rabbit trials and reading through the extension readers.

You can even revisit at a later date!

“ohhhh I love it I love it I love it!!!!~!!!!!!!!”

Many mums have told me that this resource has been a delight to use.

“Michelle, I love it. Makes me want to have little ones again! In fact, I may very well do it with Caleb, who is 12...just because we can and it is so good! I can easily adapt it to suit his age and development.” Susan Priolo aussiehomeschool.com

What Else Will You Need?

Australian Book Travel Guide ebook is free but you may also want a few extras:

And You'll Also Need The Picture Books

Australian Picture Booklist

These books are not included in the resource but can borrowed from the library.

Extension Resource For Older Children

For older primary children (aged 9 -12) who want to participate we have optional extension book suggestions that correspond with the unit studies.

These books are longer than the travel books and can be used as a read alone text. They do not always fit the travel book perfectly but they are linked to the unit study in some way.

Australian Book Traveller

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