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New Zealand Notebooking Pages

Over 50 notebooking pages that you can use for all your New Zealand studies

Map of New Zealand Notebooking Page Christchurch Notebooking Page Treaty of Waitangi Notebooking PageNew Zealand Notebooking Page

We Have Made Starting Your New Zealand Studies Easy.

Your planning time is also reduced.There’s no need to waste time looking for what should be studied. We have the basic framework already assembled.

“These pages are ideal for weaving random resources into one educational keepsake.”

What’s more, using our notebooking pages will add structure without stifling creativity.

Your child won’t be restricted to a textbook, or worksheet.

You, and your child, decide the direction of study.

Forget About Trying To Adapt Pages To Suit New Zealand.

We have over 50 notebooking pages specifically designed for New Zealand study.

Samuel Marsden notebooking page New Zealand Nature Notebooking PageNatural Wonders of New Zealand New Zealand Farming

We cover:

You won’t be disappointed with our affordable practical pages because...

This simple resource is easy to use.

You have great flexibility with how you approach your study.

You only choose the pages you want to use.

Pages are mostly black and white, leaving space for your child’s creativity.

Blank templates allow you to cover extra topics.

And best of all this inexpensive resource can be used over and over again.

So How Can You Start Your New Zealand Notebook?

Instant download means that you can begin planning the next phase immediately.

Create A Lasting Memory Of New Zealand

"As a Mum trying this new idea in my home, I was amazed to see my children eager to engage their creativity and make each page something special. School was becoming fun and they would look forward to adding new pages to their growing notebook. Further, I noted my children would often flick back through their work and re-read pages, thus reinforcing and reviewing the information written. Notebooking has proved its worth." Anita Lynch

Suggested Age Range

10 years and up.

New Zealand Notebooking Pages $3.95

The New Zealand Notebooking Pages were created by Bethany Morrow and Michelle Morrow

About the authors:

Michelle is an Australian homeschooling mother in Australia. She has strong family ties in New Zealand and has visited New Zealand for family events, holidays and work. She has been around most of the North Island but not made it to the South Island –yet.

Bethany is a highschool homeschool student. She enjoys graphic design, nature study and reading. Michelle is her mother.