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Australian Notebooking and History Pages.

100 notebooking pages that you can use for all your Australian history studies

We Have Made Starting Your Australian Studies Easy.

Australian History Notebooking Pages

Your planning time is also reduced. There’s no need to waste time looking for what should be studied. We have the basic framework already assembled.

“These pages are ideal for weaving random resources into one educational keepsake.”

What’s more, using our notebooking pages will add structure without stifling creativity.

Your child won’t be restricted to a textbook, or worksheet.

You, and your child, decide the direction of study.

Forget About Trying To Adapt Pages To Suit Australia.

We have 100 notebooking pages specifically designed for Australian study.

Here are some sample pages from the Australian History Notebook.

notebooking pages australian notebooking pages

We cover:

You won’t be disappointed with our affordable practical pages because...

This simple resource is easy to use.

You have great flexibility with how you approach your study.

You only choose the pages you want to use.

Pages are mostly black and white, leaving space for your child’s creativity.

Blank templates allow you to cover extra topics.

And best of all this inexpensive resource can be used over and over again.


So How Can You Start Your Australian Notebook?

Instant download means that you can begin planning the next phase immediately.

Create A Lasting Memory Of Australia

"As a Mum trying this new idea in my home, I was amazed to see my children eager to engage their creativity and make each page something special. School was becoming fun and they would look forward to adding new pages to their growing notebook. Further, I noted my children would often flick back through their work and re-read pages, thus reinforcing and reviewing the information written. Notebooking has proved its worth." Anita Lynch

Suggested Age Range

10 years and up.

Australian History Notebook by Anita, Renee and Sarah Lynch

About the authors.

The Lynchs are a Queensland homeschooling family who have discovered the joys of notebooking.

We recommend using them from grades 4-12.

Australian History Book Package Deal

For your convenience we have packaged Our Sunburnt Country and Australian History Notebook ebook.

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Australian History Notebook is an ebook. It will be available for instant download after you purchase

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I was really discouraged because my daughter who writes beautifully was in tears every time she realised we were going to write! We read lots of great literature and I know that my children are learning along the way and they were narrating beautifully- but I really felt that we needed something else to just "round off" our learning experiences and there is only so much one can do without writing!

At the time of both dilemmas, we were covering Australian History and Homeschooling Downunder made this fabulous Australian History Notebook available! I ordered the set and printed off a few pages ready for our next lesson.

I explained that instead of orally narrating, I had printed some special themed pages that we were going to use to record our journey through Australian history and that they could write anything that they found interesting or meaningful to them from the days reading.

We had no sooner finished that mornings reading selections when my daughter disappeared and returned with a brimming smile and two full pages of writing and wanted to know if we could do another lesson! Not only were we now all enjoying the process, but both my children are creating beautiful keepsakes and they are learning along the way!

If you are covering Australian History at all then this resource comes highly recommended! There are over 100 pages and there is such a great variety! Map outlines, pictures, crosswords, lots of different page layouts and I have to tell you that we have yet to cover something in our reading that I haven't found a page to use to record the event! Lots of thought, planning and research has gone into putting these pages together and its a real time saver too- because all I have to do is print and go!

Eloise From Fun Learning For Children