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Australian Government

For Kids

Australian Government For Kids

Where do you start?

There is so much to learn about civics and politics and many of us don't know where to start.

Teaching politics can be done using biographies, notebooking, living books and research. I have found a simple introduction to Australian Government is best for children. Here are some ideas that I have used.

1. Learn About The Flags

The Australian Flag and what that means is an easy place to begin when teaching about civics and Australian government.

Australia Flags and Emblems Set

What do you know about the Australian Flag? Do you know what the symbols mean? Do you know what the flags are for the states and territories? Do you know the rules for flying the flag? Do your kids know? This fun resource will help your children discover these facts and more in a fun hands on way.

Australian Flags And Emblems

2. Prime Ministers' Biographies

A good biography gives us the facts clothed with a story. Learning the stories of our Prime Ministers will do just that.

The Prime Ministers Notebook with Prime Ministers of Australia Book

"Over the years I’ve looked at ways to try to teach my children about government and politics. I’ve had a few attempts but the lack of resources always made my attempts a little adhoc. However last term we were able to trial Margaret Taylor’s new ebook The Prime Ministers Notebook. It was such a fantastic way to introduce my kids to politics. As they studied each prime minister’s short biography, and looked at the times when they were in power, they began to understand a little about party politics and government. Last week’s change of prime ministers was not foreign to them and they were able to grasp some of the party politics. " Michelle July 2013

3. Research Government

What does a government do? Who is required to vote? Who is my local member? What are the roles of government?

Parliament, Prime Ministers and Politics ebook. is an ebook that delves a little deeper into how government works and who does what. It guides you in your study of Australian Government.


The Priministers of Australia

Australian Government Quiz For Kids

Often our kids pick up information along the way. Here is a quick quiz to see what your kids know about politics. You can test your own knowledge as well.

Australian Government Quiz Questions Download

Australian Government Quiz Answers Download

4. Learn the History of Federation

Learning history teaches many facts. Our Sunburnt Country will give you an overview of how Australia came to Federation and what happened after that.

Australian History Book

5. Current Affairs

Keep up to date with what's happening with local politics watching the news,Question Time, Q & A and one of my favourites Kitchen Cabinet with Annabelle Crabb.