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Art and Music Appreciation

"What about art and music lessons?", is a question I am often asked. Yes! these are considered to be key learning areas that need to be incorporated into your homeschool. However you don't have to have special tutors in music and art unless you want to. Look at these simple resources for tutor free ideas to help you get started.

How can you teach art in the homeschool - especially if you're not artistic like me. Here are a few Homeschool Lesson Ideas.

Includes an Free Australian Picture Study ebook

Australian Artists Picture Study


Homeschool Art Lesson Ideas

Music Appreciation Lessons can include composer study and notebooks as well as lessons.

Here are a few ideas plus a Free Composer Study to download.

Composer Study

Music Appreciation

We also included art picture study as part of our unit studies.

Australian Book Traveller - Free Download

has art appreciation and art lessons as part of every picture book studied.

Australian Literature Study

Unit Studies and Art

Primary Language Lessons and Intermediate Language Lessons also includes picture study of famous works of Australian and world art.

Primary Language LessonsIntermediate language Lessons

These resources will stop you forgetting to do picture study.

Nature Journaling and Art

The children also express themselves artistically in their notebooks.

Nature Journaling

Don't forget about Dancing and Singing!

These are also included in the creative arts category. Again you don't have to have special lessons in these areas if you don't want to . You can just include these as part of your day when you have a sing-a-long and have a good jig. If you go to church and sing then that can also be included.