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Time Table Copywork and Multiplication Drill

Math and Timestable Copywork

Simple math copywork and drill to aid memorization of mutiplication facts

Learning multiplication facts is an essential skill for advancing in math.

There are many ways we can focus on helping our children to acquire these skills.

This small ebook was put together to use for regular practice in addition to your normal math program.

Use this when your child is understanding the basic concepts of multiplication and can work with abstract numbers as opposed to manipulatives and concrete objects.

Math copywork

Multiplication copywork is a simple tool to aid memorization of these facts. Simply have them copy out the facts.

Math Drill
Multiplication drill is a more advanced skill. Some children may like to have their work timed, space has been left to record this. You will need a stop watch (we use our kitchen timer). Races motivate some children, others may crumble under the stress. You decide the best way to drill them. Some of my kids love me racing them.

Multiplication grid
The multiplication grid is used when they have memorized most of their times table. I use this over and over again.

I hope you find this resource helpful.



Times Table Copywork and Multiplication Drill ebook $2.00