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Homeschool Resources For Australian Homeschoolers

How to Homeschool 101 For New Homeschool Mothers $7.95

Essential Information to Home School with Confidence

Homeschool Pretty Planner For Homeschool Mothers $4.95

Our pretty planner will help you harness your goals, reign in your time and make your homeschool day smoother.

Nature Journaling with Kids For Homeschool Mothers $3.95

A gentle guide to nature journaling with children.

English Lessons

Primary Language Lessons Grade 2-3 $15.95

Holistic literature based English lessons that offer variety and challenge.

Intermediate Language Lessons Grade 4-6 $15.95

Holistic literature based English lessons that offer variety and challenge.

Any Novel Novel Guide Grade 5-8 $15.95

A study guide that can be used for ANY novel.

Punctuation & Grammar Guide All Ages $24.95

For English speakers who didn't learn grammar at school

Teaching Handwriting CM Style Grade K-3 $2.95

This ebook shows you how to teach handwriting from first letters to mastering handwriting.

Downunder Copywork Series $6.95 each

Grades 2 - 8

Book 1 - Printing

Book 2 - Cursive

Book 3 - Advanced Cursive

Laying the foundations for excellent writing using classic Australian and New Zealand literature that will educate and inspire.

Downunder Dictation Grades 2-8 $8.95

Laying the foundations for excellent spelling and grammar using classic Australian and New Zealand literature.

Classic Copywork Series $6.95 each

Grade K - 8

Laying the foundations for excellent writing using classic literature. Includes all the Classic copywork books in both printing & cursive.

Available in manuscript or italic fonts.

Beatrix Potter Classic Copywork

Mother Goose Classic Copywork

Garden Verse Classic Copywork

Aesop's Fables Classic Copywork

Science & Nature

The Wonderland of Nature Grade K-6 39.99

An Australian living science book for children.

The Wonderland of Nature Journal Grade K-6 $12.95

Teaching children to observe nature through journaling.

This set includes Nature Journaling with Kids

Crowns of Fire Grade 2- 6 $5.00

Australian bushfire story rich in imagery, symbolism and beauty. Ebook


Discover Downunder - Australian Geography for Kids $20.00

A book covering the physical and political geography of Australia.

Australia Map Journal $7.95

An artistic Australian map that captures a child's interest.

Downunder Geography Discovery Pages $7.95

This resource provides a way to make the most of your Australian Traveller’s Map Journal and helps your kids delve a little deeper into Australia’s physical geography.

A Bush Calendar and My Bush Calendar Logbook Grade 4- 8 $9.95

A Bush Calendar is an inspiring literary account of nature study in the Australian bush over 100 years ago.

My Bush Calendar Logbook is a complimentary resource to help children recod their findings over one calendar year. Can be used for nature study and geography.

Australian Book Traveller Grades K - 3 Free

Teach Australian history, geography, art, science and literature appreciation using good picture books.



Our Sunburnt Country Grade 4-10 $35.95

A highly acclaimed Australian illustrated history book that all will enjoy.

Australian History Notebook $5.00

100 notebooking pages that you can use for all your Australian history studies.

St Mary MacKillop Lapbook $5.00 School Edition $25.00

Is a hands-on activity that can be used to teach children in a fun and interesting way about Mary MacKillop.

Politics & Civics

Australian Flag and Emblems Book & LapbookSet Grade 1- 4 $20.00

A crafty resource for teaching children about Australia's flag.

Parliament, Politics & PMs Grade 4-8

Three resources available:

The Prime Ministers Notebook $5.00

Prime Ministers of Australia $15.00

Prime Ministers, Parliament and Politics $5.00

Math Copywork

Math Copywork Grade 3-4 $2.00

Some copywork drill to help the times tables soak in.