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Downunder Dictation and Teacher’s Guide


Downunder Dictaion

Dictation is a tried and true method for teaching language arts, but if you have never used it before it can be a little daunting. It just seems too simple. That’s why we have combined Australian and New Zealand dictation passages with a teaching resource that will show you how to make the most of dictation.

Teaching Writing As A Whole Is A Strong And Efficient Method

Children benefit from using this method because:

Different Text Types Used

This resource also uses passages from a wide variety of text types (writing styles). Children are encouraged to recognise what type of text they are writing. To help you an explanations of the different text types are given in the appendix. Text types include reports, procedures, explanations, narratives, recounts, and descriptions.

Dictation Forms A Framework For Good Writing

Dictation is a simple tool but it is still hard work for the child because they need to concentrate on the mechanics of writing. Using dictation allows children to practise their writing frequently without the additional stress of trying to think what to write.
“Our society is so obsessed with creativity that people want children to be creative before they have any knowledge or skill to be creative with.” Ruth Beechick
Many people worry that dictation stifles creativity. It doesn’t. It gives children good models to work from and equips them to write well. When they want to write creatively they have a strong foundation already laid.

Our Dictation Lessons Are Easy To Implement

Your English lessons will be less stressful because you are given a framework to follow and you are freed from having to find passages, or think up, writing topics to try to motivate your child to do original writing. We give you ideas on how to use dictation to teach: We also have other bonus features such as:

We have already assembled a collection of 32 excerpts from whole or ‘living’ Australian and New Zealand literature, dating from 1769-2007.

Downunder Copywork Books

All of the quotes used are also used in the Downunder Copywork Books.

They include:

A Flexible Resource That Can be Used With Any Curriculum

Downunder Dictation and Teacher’s Guide can be used: Dictation lessons can be done:

Who Should Use Downunder Dictation and Teacher’s Guide?

This is not a graded text because dictation can be used regularly from 4th grade onwards. With one passage multiple ages can be taught. Passages are presented in a large font which makes it suitable for copywork for younger children.

Dictation exercises are aimed to suit grade 4-8 (Ages 9-14).

Don’t Delay Start Using This Simple And Successful Method In Your Homeschool.

You can feel confident because this method of teaching writing has a long proven track record. Instant download means you can start using this effective method immediately.

Download a sample of Downunder Dictation and Teacher's Guide.

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