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Teaching Handwriting, Spelling and Grammar

Victorian child handwriting

Is your child ready to start learning to write their letters?

This resource will help you:

Find the Right Handwriting Model

Starting formal handwriting lessons is made much easier when you lay a strong foundation using a good handwriting model.

Find the Right Style

There are a range of handwriting styles to choose from. You will find that one size does not fit all.

Find the Right Pace

It will answer questions on when to teach printing and when to teach cursive.

Good-looking handwriting is an art and good handwriting habits need to be established from the start. While this may seem time consuming, care must be given, not only to the formation of good, but to the prevention of bad habits.

No matter what  the disposition of your child is, when the time comes and you feel that they are 'ready' to practise their letters find out how to tackle this important subject with our new ebook.

This 25 page ebook shows you how to teach handwriting from first letters to mastering handwriting.

Using ideas gleaned from Charlotte Mason and Ruth Beechick we have put together a helpful resource that you can begin using immediately.

This Simple Ebook Breaks Down The Process Of Teaching Handwriting.

It covers:

Buy this ebook and get your handwriting lessons off to a good start!

Teaching handwriting the Charlotte Mason Way

Instant download ebook $2.95 AUD