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English Grammar & Punctuation For Australians

Now in one handy volume: the best selling The Briefest English Grammar Ever! and The Briefest Punctuation Guide Ever! Covering the basics of English grammar and punctuation, this friendly guide is perfect for students at all levels. It clearly and simply explains how language works and functions and strips out all the jargon to make understanding punctuation easy. So if you need to sort out your verbs from your nouns and your adjectives from your adverbs, or if you aren't sure whether a comma should go before or after a word or when to start a new sentence, then this concise, unintimidating guide is an absolute must for your bookshelf.

English Grammar and Punctuation Guide

This is a simple English grammar handbook originally written to help Australian university students who hadn't learnt English as their first language. It's clear examples will give you all you need to know for primary school grammar. In fact it is probably all you need to know about grammar for school. I use it often!

This English grammar handbook was so popular that a punctuation book was added and now they have put the two books together to form this guide.

For grammar it covers the parts of speech, clauses, subjects, objects and what makes a sentence.

The punctuation section includes: when to use full stops, commas, dashes, bullets, hyphens and more. All those tricky punctuation questions that need to be answered can be quickly looked up.

Another thing I love about this book is that the text is written on only one side of the page leaving the other side to make notes.

This resource is printed by NSW University Press and is sold to Australian and New Zealand university students who don't feel confident in grammar. I highly recommend it!

How To Use This Book In Your Homeschool

  1. Read it through one category at a time with your children from about Grade 4
  2. Use it as a reference with your other language art resources such as Primary Language Lessons or Intermediate Language Lessons.
  3. Check your children's punctuation in their writing assignments.
  4. Use during dictation exercises or when reading books to discuss parts of speech or why certain punctuation marks are used.

Briefest English Grammar & Punctuation Guide Ever !

Paperback Edition $24.95